Neil Goldberg

Jaz Productions and Neil Goldberg are proud to announce
their association with Direct Focus, Inc.

Direct Focus, Inc. was founded in 1990 as the US affiliate of Barry Rosen Productions, an international production company. Barry Rosen Productions produced over 300 commercials in 22 countries and established cutting edge post-production and sound facilities in Johannesburg, Geneva, London, and New York.

In the mid '90's, Barry Rosen consolidated DFI's resources into an advertising production consulting service. This firm responded to the needs of the advertisers in this fiscally more responsible era while assuring high-quality creative product from their advertising agencies. DFI is the Client's common production link between all their brands, ad agencies, production and post-production suppliers.

Global advertising production experience, coupled with hands-on experience in filmmaking, cinematography, special effects, and sound engineering has enabled DFI to become the leader in in broadcast production and advisory services.

By adding its distinctive spin on creativity and unique methodology, Direct Focus impacts the overall look and commercial value of the end product in a positive way. DFI has trained and advised global clients, cost consultants, ad agencies, production companies, and editors on more than five hundred large budget TV commercials worldwide.

Direct Focus, Inc. ensures that its clients are protected from the outside agendas and are represented by a company with an unbiased, objective point of view.

Past clients include Exxon Mobil, Tommy Hilfiger and KIA Motors. Present clients include Harmon Kardon (and related subsidiaries such as JBL), Heineken (and related products such as Newcastle Ale) and American Express. Direct Focus currently advises on all creative and manages over $50 million in advertising production expenditure for numerous beverage divisions of Pepsi alone, not to mention its associated brands.

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